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[Event Coverage] Meeting Dr. Jin – Song Seung Heon in Singapore

South Korean actor Song Seung Heon was recently in Singapore to promote his latest drama Dr. Jin - a historical series involving a 21st century neurosurgeon travelling back in time to the Joseon Dynasty. There are also other talented casts to name, such as  Park Min Young, Lee Beom Soo, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and many more..

We had the privilege of attending his media conference, a day before his meet & greet session.


Looking as if he simply stepped out from the television screen, the suave actor shared his thoughts and the interesting filming process during Dr. Jin.

Q: Since Dr. Jin is your first period drama, what was your initial reaction when you received the offer?
Song: As it was my first role in a period drama, I felt pressured at the beginning. However, because the drama involves time travelling, I spoke in the modern way although the setting was in the Joseon dynasty, therefore it was less stressful.

Q: As Dr. Jin is about time travel to the past, did you make any special preparations for this role?
Song: It was my first time acting as a doctor so I found the technical terms difficult and started by memorizing them and also had a professional coming down to the drama set to help. After getting used to it, I was more experienced with surgical scenes and the staff even joked that I can become a real doctor now.

Q: Were there any memorable or interesting incidents during filming?
Song: I found it fascinating as it was my first role in a period drama which is associated with Korea’s history, historical figures, etc. Sometimes, I would imagine how it would be like if I really went back to the past or if I was someone there. It gives a refreshing feeling when I’m acting.

Q: Since this drama requires medical knowledge, did you learn how to operate for the surgical scenes from a professional?
Song: This drama is very realistic and uses real surgical equipment as props. Certain scenes involving dissection were so realistic that some people were unable to accept it, even myself. Over time, I naturally got used to the blood, etc.

Q: You had the opportunity to work with various talented actors and actresses such as Park Min Young, Lee Beom Soo and Kim Jaejoong for this drama. How was it like working with them?
Song: I have known Lee Beom Soo for over ten years. He is a first-class actor and I was able to learn a lot while working with him. Park Min Young and Kim Jaejoong are both very hardworking despite being relatively new in acting. Especially Park Min Young – she was initially quite worried about whether she will be able to deliver her role well but she worked very hard and did a good job. For Kim Jaejoong, because he is from JYJ, an idol group, people often wonder if he is able to act. He actually does his best at acting, more than anyone else.


Q: You have received good response for your participation in the OST for this drama. Have you thought of debuting as a singer and cutting a solo album?

Song: Many people have brought up such questions. I don’t think I can sing very well and I had the help of advanced technology. I have no confidence in my singing so I don’t think I’ll become a singer and release an album. However, when acting in movies or dramas, I think it is very meaningful to sing the OST and I will participate in it if opportunities arise in future.

Q: If you could travel back in time, which period would you choose to go to?
Song: Of course, many people hope to have this chance to travel to their desired period of time. I ever thought of going back in time to meet historical figures or to the future to see what I’d be like when I’m old. However, if there’s only one chance, I would like to revisit my schooling days, with my friends and my life at that time. I might also reconsider choosing the acting path.

Q: What was the most interesting episode you had while filming for Dr. Jin?
Song: The weather was very hot when we were filming this drama. I can’t remember anything interesting in particular but something memorable was that Park Min Young and Kim Jaejoong also felt very warm while filming and we will remove our drama clothes when resting. The filming process was tough due to the wigs and thick period clothes. I’ll let you all know when I remember any other interesting episodes.















Q: Being in this industry for almost twenty years, what else do you want to try?
Song: I’ve also been asked this many times. There are many roles that I’d like to try. So far, I have portrayed the image of a kind, upright guy and if the chance arises, I’d like to try contrasting roles like a murderer or a lunatic. I want to try everything but have not been given the opportunities yet.

Q: Would you choose to stay in the past and save people as a doctor or to return to the present?
Song: I think it’s a pity that in the past, people die from causes that could now be cured with just one injection. I would want to cure everyone but there’s an order for everything (history is history). In the past, there are people dying but there are people surviving now. Therefore I think I should still return to the present.

Q: How do you take time off to rest from your hectic schedule? What do you usually do for leisure?
Song: I’m actually like normal people; if there’s time, I’ll go out to play. I’ll meet up with my friends and we like sports, such as golf. Otherwise I’ll rest at home and watch movies, etc by myself.

We would like to thank Channel U for inviting us to cover this media conference.

Also, be sure to tune in to Channel U every Monday to Friday at 10pm from 1 April to catch Song Seung Heon, Park Min Young, Lee Beom Soo and Kim Jaejoong in action on Dr. Jin.

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[Event Coverage] Meeting Dr. Jin – Song Seung Heon in Singapore

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